Black Friday and Cyber Monday: the pinnacle of shopping frenzy! These days hold immense potential for boosting sales sky-high. But, they also come with a looming threat: website slowdowns that could jeopardize sales and customer loyalty. In this post, we’ll show you how you can prevent site slowdowns with a scalable ecommerce platform.

Did you know that for every second of delay in a site, you’re likely to lose a significant percentage of sales? One study shows that conversions drop by a whopping 50% if a site takes two seconds to load instead of one (see here).

So how did your site perform? Well, we know how many sales a site generated. But, what’s not so obvious is how many potential customers left because of slow loading times, an unfortunate reality of traffic spikes.

sheep herd black and white traffic slowing down site

So what is the solution?

Well, you can invest a lot of money in more processing power at a huge cost.
But, the smarter way to fix a slow site is to use a scalable ecommerce platform.

A scalable ecommerce platform will expand as your site traffic increases, pulling in more resources in real-time. So instead of having to pay year-round for high traffic a couple of days a year, your online store will only use as much processing power it needs, and not more – saving you a ton in hosting and maintenance fees.

In short, a scalable ecommerce platform is crucial because it:
Handles surges in traffic seamlessly, prevent website slowdowns.
Ensures reliability during peak shopping periods, keeping customers engaged.
Preserves customer loyalty by delivering a fast shopping experience.

Don’t risk losing your customers’ loyalty and those valuable sales! Choose a scalable ecommerce platform and turn Black Friday and Cyber Monday into roaring successes while keeping your customers happy.

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