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Ecommerce Solutions For Selling Regulated Products

For businesses selling vapor products, tobacco, CBD, firearms, or other regulated products, FutureEcom provides a full suite of compliance services to help you comply with Federal and State law.


AI Compliance Check

Our RegAFFIRM AI engine verifies each order for compliance with Federal and State law before it leaves your warehouse.


PACT Act Registration

Through our strategic partnerships, we provide full compliance services including PACT Act registration and state licensing.


Age and ID Verification

Seamless integration with leading age, identity and address verification services for compliance and fraud protection.


Sales and Excise Tax

Stay compliant with sales and excise tax collection. Our platform offers intuitive integrations with tax service providers.

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ID Checks and Fraud Protection

Purchaser age and identity verification are common requirements in regulated product sales. But, they are also a major cause of customer friction. Our platform allows for seamless integration of customer verification into your order flow minimizing the impact on your customer buying experience.

AI Compliance Automation

Don't rely on manual checks which are prone to human error. In addition to our world-class standard platform features, we offer an advanced AI compliance engine that will check your regulatory requirements based on product type and location.

Compliance Dashboard

FutureEcom's advanced compliance dashboard gives you insight into your customers as well as the ability to see what regulations affect your customers the most.

Analyze Data
Drill-down Reports
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Bespoke eCommerce

Age and Identify Verification

Whether your state requires verification by a 3rd party or by government issue ID, FutureEcom has you covered.

3rd Party Verification
Gov't Issued IDs

California's STAKE Act

Checks for requirements like address matching rules, customer certification and more...

Address Matching
Customer Certification
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Bespoke eCommerce

Signature Requirements

Some states require orders to be shipped with an adult signature requirement. This option can be costly with carriers. FutureEcom lets you know if your order requires an adult signature option, saving you money and improving customer experience.

State Requirements
Product Requirements

Excise Tax

Some states require excise tax on regulated products. The rules can be complicated and costly to the storeowner or customer. Let FutureEcom do the math for you, letting you provide a smoother transaction for your customers.

Specific Taxes
Per Quantity of Product
Ad Valorem Taxes
Percentage of Value
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