Drive up conversion with discount campaigns

FutureEcom's flexible campaign module allows you to create countless discount possibilities for your store

Coupon or automatic discount

Whether a discount should happen automatically when a customer makes or purchase, or whether the customer needs to enter a coupon code first, is for your business to decide. We support both.

Discount Campaigns
Discount Campaigns

Percentage or fixed amount

Want to give 10% of an order or $10? Each type of discount has its benefits. FutureEcom has you covered no matter which way you want to go.

Discount target

FutureEcom supports discounting products or shipping. Free shipping on orders over a certain amount is a common way to use discount campaigns. Discounts on items can be defined by product name, SKU or category/taxonomy.

Discount Campaigns
Discount Campaigns

VIP Customers

Give select customers preferred pricing. Discount campaigns allow you to choose which customer group gets the discount.

Flexible Conditions

Buy 2 and get 1 FREE. Get 10% off orders over $100. FutureEcom has a flexible condition system for applying discounts. Whether by shipping region, order total or type of products in cart, one can easily set up a discount policy that's right for one's business.

Discount Campaigns
Discount Campaigns


Plan ahead with your campaigns and schedule them by date and time. No need to stay up late to start each one.

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