Save money with an efficient customer service

Customer service response times are crucial for retaining customers and saving money. FutureEcom's customer support panel is built for easy of use.

Easy to navigate

Designed by experienced store managers, FutureEcom's back office was built with simplicity in mind in order to save time and money.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Fast loading times

No more waiting long on the phone with a client while their information is retrieved. FutureEcom has built speed capabilities into our back office, providing a fast experience for customer and support alike.

Simple order fulfillment

FutureEcom makes it easy to fulfill an order. In a few clicks you can ship some or all of the order, sending a notification to the client. Have fulfillment software that you like to work with? Contact us and we can work on a plan to integrate, so you can combine our winning ecommerce platform with your favorite tools.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Admin roles

Divide up the tasks to your team and allow them access to only what they need to see. FutureEcom allows you to create multiple admin accounts with different roles.

Searchable grids

When you have thousands of customers and thousands of products, it gets difficult to be able to find something specific. FutureEcom has built a robust search engine for the back office to allow to easily find what you need.

Customer Support

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