Who is behind FutureEcom

Founded by leading experts in software development and online retail, we have been building ecommerce platforms for more than 10 years. FutureEcom is the culmination of years of experience in the online retail industry.

Why we built FutureEcom

Over the years there have many ecommerce platforms have been released, but they have all fallen into two basic categories: self-hosted, and Software as a Service. While self-hosted are popular with businesses that wish to push for a competitive edge in user experience, these platforms are weak when it comes to flexibility and scalability. They often need a team for maintenance and performance optimization, at high cost. On the other hand, Software as a service solutions, while they take care of the worry for maintenance and performance, they are more costly in the end due to hidden costs, and they do not offer the flexibility that many businesses need to run their operations smoothly.

Values and mission

The ability to market and sell products should not only be the privilege of large companies with capital. We wish to open the market to small and startup businesses by providing them with the tools they need to compete in the hottest markets.


Eliezer Rosenblatt is a licensed attorney and member of both the New York State Bar and the Israel Bar Association. A graduate of McGill University’s Faculty of Law, Eliezer has represented numerous international companies in emerging technology industries. Eliezer also brings years of experience advising clients in the e-vapor and cannabis industries with particular emphasis on US Federal and State regulations applicable to online retail sales of regulated products.

Avi Rosenblatt has been in the software development field for 20 years. Graduating from McGill University with degrees in Computer Science and Accounting, he pursued his career as a developer and later as a development team manager with a focus on Agile software development. His experience spans numerous industries and for the past eight years he has been focused on the e-vapor industry, building the ecommerce ecosystem for a Fortune 200 company which involved the gamut of business to consumer purchase through fulfilment. Avi has designed and led the implementation of platforms to allow for the continuation of online business in heavily regulated industries, while maintaining a high level of security and conformity to regulations.